Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Bare It Like Beckham

Celeb Baby Laundry brings to light our first Stripper Dad. Just how does one explain to a child why one is half-naked in a photo in the public’s eye?

“David Beckham who recently a launched a bodywear line with H&M will be featured in a 30-second Super Bowl commercial wearing nothing but his H&M tighty whitey and his children are not to pleased!

“The boys are pretty embarrassed about it. They’re kids, so they said ‘Oh my God Daddy, not again. That’s really good, but everyone’s going to see you in your pants (underwear)’,” Beckham tells Britain’s Daily Mirror.”
I wonder if it’s because we are talking about a dad appearing in his undies that it causes more embarrassment. The Beckham boys’ mother appears in underwear in public frequently. I wonder if they are embarrassed by that as much.

Or are we so used to seeing women in lingerie in advertisements that that doesn’t cause as much underwear confusion?

Like, Oh! There’s mom in her undies on a billboard again, yawn!

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