Thursday, February 09, 2012

Get Inside a Stripper's...Head

I found this video on The Gloss website: Sh*t People Say to Strippers.

It is pretty spot-on things I used to hear both from other women and from the customers, but there are many other fine gems of questions that were left out, like:

Q: When are you gonna show it?

A: Soon, baby.

A in my head: (Evil laugh) Never!

Q: Why is someone like you in a place like this?

A: I love dancing!

A in my head: Dear Lord, I have no idea.

Q: How much money do you really make?

A: I do okay.

A in my head: I’d do better if you’d tip me what I’m worth.

Q: Your boyfriend lets you dance?

A: Sure, he trusts me.

A in my head: Umm, I make my own decisions.

Q: Want to go out?

A: I’m not allowed to date customers.

A in my head: HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Hmm…maybe I need to make a video, too!

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