Monday, February 06, 2012

Soul Speak Interview

I'm very honored and humbled to have been interviewed by Juno Cristi for Soul Speak.
Soulspeak is a new segment on this blog where I'll be featuring stories of folks from all over the world, folks like you and me, folks who are out there making a difference in today's world--- just positive, warm, individuals dedicated to uplifting the world with their craft and spirit, each one a driving force for change. Create and connect with the collective! Good news! Good times! Good vibes!
She helped me to reconnect to my feelings of gratitude for the life I am living.

Please check out the interview and support her endeavors.


  1. Excellent interview ... so much food for thought ... I'm so moved ... wishing you the very best on your journey ... Love, cat. (

  2. Thanks, Cat!

    Your blog looks really beautiful!