Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Jennifer Aniston's Beauty Regimen

I’m not sure I’m totally buying into Jennifer Aniston actually spending this much money on her beauty regimen.

According to Nicole Fabian-Weber on Cafe Mom, Jennifer Aniston’s monthly beauty bill is roughly $8,000.

Here’s the alleged beauty breakdown:

•Euoko neck cream made with crystals from the planet Mars, $450

•Tracie Martyn Spa Red Carpet Facials, $50.

•Tracie Martyn goodie bag of products, $390

•Mila Moursi Rejuvinating Serum, $350

•Neutrogena Facial Cleansing Bar, $2.50

•Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream, $40

•Private yoga sessions with Mandy Ingber, $$3,500

•Dietitian Carrie Watt's delivery service, $2,700

Well, this list of expenses does include some food, too, so I’m not sure that’s really fair to include in a list of beauty expenses since, you know, a girl’s got to eat.

I would also think that a lot of these products are probably gifted to her, so she may well use all these things, but is she really spending the money for them?

I suppose the issue that I could see really being serious is—how are other women supposed to compete with that?

The truth is—we aren’t. Just because superstars spend that much attention to their looks doesn’t mean we have to.

It’s easier for us grown women who have realized as well as we can that looks are not what matter to say, who cares? But what about younger, impressionable women who may look to these exemplars of beauty and think they need to look that way, too?

I was going to say, why can’t more stars just be more au naturel in the world? But then they get their photos taken at their worst moments and plastered across a magazine cover.

Who or what will break the cycle?


  1. Anonymous10:21 PM

    Beauty regimen, not regiment. The latter is a unit in the army.

  2. Duh! No wonder my mind was jabbing me and saying something doesn't look right here!