Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Healthy Body AND Mind and Spirit!

Fruit break during our exercise fun!

I found this great website for teens focusing on a healthy body and self-image called Bodimojo.

“Trying to get a grip on what's affecting your life? BodiMojo is all about building teen confidence! Instead of a "one-size fits all" approach, BodiMojo personalizes health and wellness information just for teenagers: body image, nutrition, fitness, eating disorders, emotional life, dating, sexual health, alcohol and drugs, and more. Through personalized quizzes, health tools and games, customized goal setting and tips, BodiMojo is all about YOU! There's plenty to check out and share on your social networks!”

It’s through websites like this that we’ll counteract pro-anorexia blogs that are out there. There are lots of great tips and tools for not only getting healthy in body, but in mind, too.

It’s important when we talk about getting healthy that we don’t just focus on body. Some recent research shows that young adults care more about their looks than what’s going on inside (not a big surprise!). Without a healthy mind and spirit, too, a healthy body won’t do us much good.

It’s never too early to encourage our children how important it is to maintain a healthy state of being…not just body!

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