Monday, August 13, 2012

Healthy Body Image For the Family

I've noticed a change in my energy level since I started exercising with my kids last week. I do not feel like I’m dragging myself out of bed as much in the morning, although I’ll admit I’m still tired—my almost two-year-old has reverted to waking up at least twice a night again this past month.

But when I wake up, instead of feeling no connection to my body, I rise with the buzz of my muscles alive.

It’s barely been a week, but I feel like my new routine has already become a habit. Not to mention that my children are looking forward to our evening exercise times. Even the little one can now say, “Run, Mama. Run.”

Thinking a lot about healthy body image lately and I stumbled upon this blog entry today on Emme Nation: Body Beautiful: Reflecting Healthy Body Image On Your Kids. The writer speaks about a lot of the ideas that I believe in, too.

I agree that the solution starts with me and I think I’m taking the right steps to ensure a healthy future for myself and my kids by making movement an important part of each day.

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