Friday, August 10, 2012

Improve Body Image by Exercising with Your Kids

Kids pretending to be stuck in mud
My body is sore and happy from my new exercise routine. My body image is soaring because I'm enjoying what my body can do (and not worrying about what it looks like). The kids love our daily excursion into our town to find new places to run and have fun.

Shakespeare Theatre
Our latest spot was the Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford, which has been closed up for years. It’s now referred to as The American Festival Theatre when they do some outside shows during the summer.

My dad used to work in the box office when I was a kid and we saw many shows here. For our purposes, we walked around the grounds and broke into jogs and runs.

Genny and I ran up and down these steps ten times!
The best part about exercising with my kids is that I can be goofy and jump and throw my arms in the air and not be embarrassed—I mean, I’m with kids! It’s okay to have fun when you’re with kids! If I were by myself jogging I would not feel so free to stop and jump and laugh.

How my children see me...
Bonus? The kids seem to be sleeping more soundly.

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