Saturday, May 28, 2005

Crazy Days

The crazy three days has begun. Today was all about getting things done for the wedding and trying not to chip my nails. I think almost everything is just about ready—the keywords being “almost” and “just about”.

I am feeling a strange and breezy excited buzz. I remind myself every once in a while that I’m getting married in a day and then I feel tingles in my cheekbones. It’s a rush, rush, cool kind of sensation.

My friends and I had a dinner tonight in the city at The Sanctuary on 1st and 1st. My sweetheart friend, Wendy, organized it. The restaurant was out of cold beverages and only had a buffet—all you can eat for five dollars! The man in the saffron robes told us they might be closing because the running of the restaurant is cutting into their spiritual practice.

Yup, so I was baby free in the city. Nobody knew I was a mother (except for everyone who knew me). I actually was able to just allow myself to be out and not feel bad about leaving Genny. It’s okay to allow myself to have some free time without baby when I have the opportunity.

And I had Starbucks twice today. I may not fit into my wedding dress. And my face may break out. But when faced with the opportunity to have two Starbucks in one day, one must dive fully into the experience.

I must say adieu now. It is way past my bedtime. The baby will not allow me to sleep in tomorrow morning.

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