Sunday, May 22, 2005

Pee and Planes

I felt like a bad mom today. We were busy all day, from going to brunch, to attending Nick’s mom’s memorial, to shopping at WalMart. I picked Genny up out of her stroller in Wally World only to find her flower-skirted bottom soaking wet, then it took me only another moment to realize that I hadn’t changed her diaper in like eight hours.

I had done smell checks a few times, but there had been no offensive odors, so I kept thinking, I’ll just wait a little longer. I guess I just pretty much plain forgot to take care of my daughter’s bathroom needs today. So she rode home wrapped in a blanket. She survived.

I’m surviving the final week before the wedding so far, but there are still a lot of last-minute details to attend to. It is amazing how all the little this and thats add up to create a frenzied state of pre-wedding stressamopolous.

The apartment is a mess. Genny still needs white wedding shoes because the ones I bought her at the flea market don’t fit. I’m not happy with how my wedding bra fits (it’s an old one and has seen better days). We still need to do work on the ceremony and figure out how all the people go and what we want here and what goes there and so on.

I hear a plane overhead. Our apartment building is directly in the path of one landing route for LaGuardia Airport. Planes only seem to fly over us on weekends when there is a certain wind pattern, but when they do, you need to be ready to duck because these bad boys could singe the hair off the back of your neck.

The underbellies of jets are really quite lovely—round and white just like my once pregnant belly. But my plane landed over a year ago now. She touched down just fine.

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  1. Kids like variety, so I'm sure Genny didn't think anything of riding in a blanket. Might have been nostalgic for her - I bet as an infant she was in a blanket a lot. Who knows - you may have given her warm, fuzzy memories of her short past. :)

    Some day she'll wear ripped up pants, green hair, tank tops covered in safety pins, she'll want a nose piercing and a tattoo that says "Property of Bubba" - then you'll have soemthing to worry about.