Thursday, May 19, 2005


Genevieve developed a need for a security blanket today, or rather I should say, a security baby doll. It’s a simple plastic doll with fluttering plastic lashes that her great-grandparents gave to her. She hugged the doll to her face and every time I tried to pry it from her dirty hands, she would wail.

So, Genny ate dinner with Baby Doll, who enjoyed her own banana-blueberry treat on her round cheek. Baby Doll went for a swing at the playground. And Baby Doll got dragged around the apartment, sweeping up kitty-cat fur clumps as she went.

I don’t think I ever had a security object. My sister had a blankie that eventually disintegrated from so much use. I did have a “pretty spoon”, which I loved to eat my cereal with.

As we strolled along 34th Avenue, Genny with Doll and I with iced latte, my mind floated back to my teacher’s lingerie comment and I realized that he might have said black negligee, not black lingerie. Not that there’s much of a difference in the impact of the meaning.

Did my teacher see something in me that I didn’t? Or did he create some desire in me to fulfill men’s fantasies?

Perhaps it’s all hooey and his words didn’t get into my brain. Maybe I would have become what I became no matter what, but it does make you think about how a simple statement just might impact a child’s life path.


  1. You didn't have a security item?! I had 2 - a little yellow rabbit and an orange donkey - they slept on either side of my pillow every night and I still have them!

    As for your teacher's comment, yes, I do think simple statements can impact a child's life. I urge people to think twice before saying anything negative. As for positive, you just never know what you might say that gives a child the "permission" they need to explore what they love and dream about. So do it!

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