Sunday, May 15, 2005


Children can be so mean. This weekend at the playground two older girls said they didn’t want to play with Genny who kept crawling up to them and tapping them. I suppose when you’re six years old, an about to be one-year-old baby doesn’t interest you much.

I’m reminded of how difficult it is to be a child on the playground—hoping the other kids will like you and that you don’t do anything stupid. I always felt so awkward and shy around other kids. I’m hoping that by introducing Genny early to lots of playmates she’ll be easy-going and make friends easily.

I’ve found it a lot easier to make new friends since Genny was born. She has helped me to feel less shy—I now have a point of reference to chat about.

I feel like I’m just talking in a circle tonight. Nothing seems genuine or important. Maybe it’s just the tired catching up on me. I think I’ll say goodnight now.

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