Friday, May 20, 2005

Take Two

For your reading pleasure, I give you, Emergency Room visit number two.

Genevieve’s being sick has become second nature to us this past week, but this morning took a new turn. She was crying uncontrollably for an hour and a half and had a red pin-prickly rash all over her body. We called our nurse line, a service provided by our insurance company, and were instructed to take her to the Emergency Room.

This time we strolled the sidewalks in the slanting rain. In the hospital, we waited for Genny’s name to be called, while in the background Montel Williams supplied a poor, unfortunate 4’11” girl with a makeover to make her feel good from the inside-out.

A short time later, Genny was awarded the Triple Crown: a new tooth, a virus called Porvo and an ear infection. Certainly nothing worthy of a hospital visit, but more than enough to cause an about to be one year old girl with a crying jag. We set back out into the cold rain with a prescription for antibiotics in hand, or rather, in pocket.

These must not be the times that other moms mean when they say, Enjoy every minute of it. It goes so fast. I could stand for a few of these screaming baby days to go a little quicker.

But it is true that tomorrow is her first birthday, which is strange—since she was only born just yesterday.


  1. Anonymous10:54 PM

    Happy Birthday to Genny, from the kind of nice guy you meet on the bus :) Always in my thoughts Sheila...secret admirer.

  2. Wow, Montell Williams kinds of puts it all in perspective, doesn't it? Just remember, you're not alone, and other people have lived through it, so you will too. But that doesn't mean you have to like it. :)