Saturday, May 21, 2005

The Way to Go

Not only did Genny survive her first year on this planet, but so did Nick and I. Not only that, but she fit into a size 3-6 month outfit today. Way to stay nice and trim, Genny. (For any babies that may be reading this, that last statement was a joke. Baby fat is adorable. Love yourselves.)

I fit into a size 4 Gap pants and a small top today. Way to go, Mom, but really, we would have still loved you if it had been a size 6.

For Gen’s big day, we went to her friend Abel’s birthday party at a baby gym in Astoria. She loved the pink ball and the cyan balloon with the yellow string. She crawled through a large plastic caterpillar and lounged on his red tongue. She even had “Happy Birthday” sung to her after Abel’s turn. This didn’t register at all—her mouth just hung open in mild confusion.

Tomorrow is Nick’s mom’s memorial in New Jersey. Then next Saturday is my birthday followed the next day by our wedding. And while the wedding is being held in Astoria, it is not at the baby gym, although it might be fun for one hundred wedding guests to roll around on a padded rainbow floor.

We are all belly button deep in planning. There are still a zillion details to be figured out, but that is okay. We get done what we get done. And what we don’t get done, well, it goes undone. Way to impart the wisdom, Mom, but really, you made it through the year, way to go.


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