Sunday, April 05, 2009

Leave Octo Stripper Mom Alone

By now you’ve heard that Octo Mom, Nadya Suleman, was once a stripper! And of course this is sensational and surprising—scandalous even. But then you learn that she was a stripper for one night. One night.

"The only thing I'm going to say is we all have a past," Suleman said, "and I don't want to resurrect that. It's dead...but no, not like a career or job. Not like that."

I hardly think that doing something once makes you one. For example, I once worked at McDonald’s for an hour and a half, but I do not consider myself an ex-McDonald’s employee. I consider myself a smart young woman for getting out of a horrible and low-paying possible job.

So, let’s leave Octo Mom alone on this one issue. She was not a stripper. She tried out stripping and decided it wasn’t her cup of tea. Good for her. Suleman respected herself. Something I wish I could have done better.

Perhaps I would have been better off at McDonald’s.

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