Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Who Gave Her Sugar?

I’m really wondering if someone snuck some sugar (or some speed) into my daughter today. I picked her up from school with Cole in tow and went to the library. As soon as we hit the children’s department she was running and saying in a booming voice, “Fairy books! Fairy books!” And she was doing it in a baby, sing-song style.

Of course, the shelf had the same Rainbow Fairy books that we’ve already read one zillion times each, so we asked the librarian if she could recommend something similar, which she did. Every book she showed Genny got a, “Uh, nah…”

Then Gen starts yelling, “I have to go to the bathroom!”

Once that was taken care of, it was more, “Fairy books! Fairy books!” Finally, she settled on some Tiara Club books.

We went downstairs with me now holding Cole because he was fussing and then Genny has to go poop. So it’s back to the bathroom where the other lady in there gets to hear how it’s “a messy one.”

Now, it’s finally time for me to look at some books for me and Genny wants to crawl into the shelves. Then at checkout she’s lying on the floor under the counter with her fingers in her mouth. Next it’s time to get her coat on, Cole’s bear zippy-coat, and oh, yes, don’t forget, mom…your own coat.

We get outside and some other Mom has parked her minivan so close to mine that I can barely get my stroller in the trunk.

We’re home now. Genny is watching one of her library videos, Cole is in his bouncy seat talking to a plastic squirrel, and I am dreading the pile of dirty dishes. And I have no idea what I’m cooking for supper.

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