Thursday, April 09, 2009

Times are Tough

This blog post got me thinking about something…I wonder if there really are a lot of women out there who are thinking of stripping now that times are tough. We’ve all heard the old single-mom-stripper sad story. Stripping so she can afford diapers.

I imagine that customers are probably being especially stingy though.

Getting a guy to tip was almost always a challenge. I can just imagine their excuses now.

“I was laid off, Darling. You understand, right? I really need to see some T & A to make myself feel better…to feel like a man. How about helping a fellow out?”

“I’m a little low on the ones tonight, Sweetheart. How about floatin’ me a lap dance until next week.”

“How about a recession special? Private dances half price? Huh? What do you mean? Well, yeah…I’ve got enough money to buy beers, but, um…you’re already naked, so why should I have to tip you?”

“I will gladly pay you tomorrow for a peek today…”

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