Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Miracle Beans

It’s amazing what Genny will do for three jellybeans and some playground time.

I needed a new dress for a wedding on Saturday; I told Genny if she would be patient while I tried some on then we’d buy a small bag of candy from the overpriced mall candy man and then play on the indoor playground.

Eight dresses and two bathroom breaks later, I had a dress with no fuss from Genny. Cole woke up as we wheeled to the sweet shop. We bought about seven jellybeans for 51 cents and headed to the bizarre soft sculptured playground.

Genny told another little girl that she didn’t want to play with her because the girl was trying to tell her what they were going to do. I was proud of her for not being a follower. Later, the girl started following Genny and imitating her as she ran and jumped onto the bridge-slide. This Genny was fine with because it was on her terms.

I sat on the pleather couch nursing Cole wondering whether a mall cop might scold me for indecent exposure.

I gave Genny a 15-minute countdown to leaving, which she didn’t argue with at all. She even held it together long enough for me to stop and buy a new pair of shoes, too.

Man, those jellybeans were the best 51 cents I ever spent.

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  1. Nice shopping trip! I am so happy to have stripper mom back!

  2. Heh heh! You should add "professional briber" to your blog profile.