Saturday, April 25, 2009

Power in No Shame

I don’t know who Beth Ditto is besides that she’s a plus-sized singer not ashamed of her body, but I totally love this quote from her on Perez Hilton.

Girls in general have really nice things to say—especially big girls. It’s mostly men who aren’t as open. I think men fear me sometimes. I played in Greece last summer and, I swear, when I went into the crowd, people actually ran away from me. But things like that make me really happy. You make a decision: if you are going to participate in the music industry and put yourself out there, you have to know that it’s all full of shit.

There is a lot of power in the shock of being unashamed. A friend told me that flaunting a big girl body in a punk-rock way is kind of a libertine thrill, like a drug.

It’s kind of like a drug… it’s a performance. It’s funny how something so normal and mundane that you see every day—your body—can be controversial. The shock value is intense. It’s like carrying an art piece around with you all the time.

I most like the part about power lying in not being ashamed. I would like to make this a motto to live by. It won’t be easy, but it’s what I think is so important.

I can say, yes, I was a stripper, yes, I’ve got lots of issues that I’m trying to work out, and, yes, I think it’s important as a mother for me to be honest in a way that’s appropriate to my children’s ages and stages.

I never want to be ashamed of myself again (unless, of course, I do something that is really shame worthy…but I guess I’m the only one who knows what that would be for me).
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  1. People don't realize the power of confidence! This woman did! I think it's awesome what she's doing. One of the best things I learned a the Landmark Forum was that everyone is shy and self-conscious. We're all so consumed about our own shyness, we forget that other people are shy too. That's why you should just be yourself! People will admire you for being more gutsy than they are.