Monday, April 27, 2009

Stripper Savior!

Nick, Cole and I went to Nick’s cousin’s wedding this weekend while Genny stayed with my father and stepmother.

On our ride home in the minivan we were throwing around ideas of what our reality television shows would be if we had one. Which one would have the most chance of making it? Where was the drama?

We realized that Nick’s doing flash design (sitting at a computer all day and eating) might not make for very exciting television. But Stripper Mom? Hmm…some potential there.

I quickly nixed the idea of Stripper Mom returning to stripping across America to see how American men would react to a late-thirties, out-of-shape mother taking her clothes off. True, drama might ensue, but I’m not sure the kind I would want to deal with at this point in my life.

But Stripper Mom traveling to strip clubs and trying to convince strippers to get out of the business? Hmm…possibly. I was quick to point out to Nick that I have nothing against women stripping if it’s what they really want to do, but from what I’ve seen, there aren’t too many women who fit into that category.

Perhaps I could have a big bus with some slogan painted on the side…Stripper Mom—Saving Strippers Across America!

I would stage interventions where I helped exotic dancers figure out why they were stripping…I would offer new possibilities…money to fulfill and pursue their real dreams…

Wow, how cool if the Stripper Savior had rolled up to a club I had been working in.

Of course, I might not have as much to write about now.

So...what would YOUR reality show be?


  1. Mine would be "Crazy Drummer Bitch" - one woman's struggle to fit in amongst "normal" people.

    You know who I am! :)

  2. Ha! Yes, Crazy...I would watch your show!

  3. Maybe this is because I'm so in awe of Kim Northrop at the moment, but I think it would be cool to go into offices and have people tell secrets about what's really going on with the office politics there! Most people won't be able to write a "bitter employee" haiku about it on the spot. But it would be awesome if little office cliques could admit that "so and so is the stupidest boss ever!" or "this one is stealing office supplies!" or "he talks on the phone all day about his weekend sexcapades" or "she's on the phone all day fighting with her sister."

  4. Anonymous1:33 AM

    you would hardly be the oldest or fattest stripper out there. they just put on some paint to hide the wrinkles and stretch marks till they can afford plastic surgery.