Saturday, May 07, 2005

Baby Yogini

Today at the playground there were two girls about eight years old who were mesmerized by Genny. They sat next to us on the blacktop and smiled and waved at Gen, who was clucking and honking like a goose; she just loved all the attention.

Back at home, Genny showed off one of her new skills—putting toys into boxes as opposed to only scooping toys out and tossing them aside. She seems to be learning all these similar concepts at once: in and out, open and close and on and off. Her bedroom door gets pushed and pulled and inspected. Genny even learned how to put her baby doll in the wooden cradle and cover her with a sheet.

Now that Genny is becoming more conscious of the world and how things work, I am finding more enjoyment in playing with her. Watching her repeat an action over and over, improving in great bounds with each try is really awe-inspiring.

I have a great desire to be able to go back in time and experience this feeling for myself. Perhaps I should take up a brand new hobby, something that I have no knowledge of at all, so that I can remember what that discovery rush is like.

It’s hard to imagine what it must be like to go through an entire day with that experience of everything being new everywhere you turn. To be mesmerized by each odd person sauntering by. To be thrilled when a stranger returns your wave hello. To be astonished when by sliding your hands and feet back and forth you are able to move from one room to the next.

Genny lives so fully in each moment. No thought for the past or the future. She is a true yogini.

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