Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Cookie Monster

When there are cookies in the cupboard I have a hard time not eating them all at once. I know they are there and it would be so easy to stroll over to them and place them in my mouth.

I found myself sneaking a cookie behind Genny’s back today. We are holding her off of sweets for as long as possible. I do feel slightly guilty eating something that I don’t want her to have. Of course, I don’t want her to drink coffee, but yet I still drink that.

And now I am thinking of the cookies again.

I am lucky enough to not have gained weight after my pregnancy. In fact, I had to dig through my old clothes to find smaller jeans because I have actually lost a bit of weight. I wonder how many cookies I would need to eat to fit in my bigger jeans.

This all seems like a bunch of hooey tonight. I feel like I’m avoiding important things. I feel too exhausted tonight to deal with real issues, hence the cookie talk.

I guess I’m feeling a bit dragged-down depressed, but I am trying very hard to ignore it and hope it goes away. I think I need a good night’s sleep and I will feel more rational in the morning.

And at least I didn’t eat all the cookies; there are still two left.

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