Sunday, May 01, 2005

The Hum

Genevieve visited her grandpa in New Jersey today. It’s such a joy to spend time with Genny and other family members. I am released of the entire responsibility of keeping her stimulated and enjoying her day.

Nick, Genny and I strolled along the country road picking forsythia and big, bushy pink flowers. Nick pointed out where there used to be cornfields, but now there are big, modern homes with three-car garages.

Genevieve tried pork chops and hummed the whole time. She touched prickly shells. She warmed up to Grandpa, as she always does with people she only sees once in a while, as the day wore on.

I imagine Grandparents were a more important part of raising children when families lived closer together. Moms were freed up to pursue other goals besides motherhood.

I would love to live near our families—be able to just hop in the minivan and see my mom and dad in five minutes. If we actually did live in the country though, I am sure I would miss the city: the playgrounds filled with playmates for Genny, Starbucks on every corner, a diverse population and museums.

Yes, Starbucks did get mentioned before museums, but expensive decaf coffee isn’t such a bad addiction. Now, if they’d only open a Starbucks in Jackson Heights, there would be happy mommies humming all along the streets.

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